Tuesday 4 October 2022

What are Types of hackers? free cybersecurity course.

 Types of hackers

Who is a Hacker? 

A hacker is basically a person who has highly skilled in information technology. Hacker uses their technical skills to overcome an obstacle or sometimes even achieve a goal within a computerized system and networks. However, nowadays, the term hacker is always associated with a security hacker – someone who is always on the lookout for ways to acquire and exploit sensitive personal, financial and organizational information, which is otherwise not accessible to them. Legitimate figures often use hacking for legal purposes.

{A hacker has knowledge of computer networking, programming, cryptography, database, and other information technologies. for hacking, there is no particular syllabus. normally ethical hacker in the industry works in the scenario to save the data of the company from the hacker, finds bugs in the system, and inform the developer in a company. }

we can classify hackers into different categories such as white hat, black hat, and grey hat, based on their intention of hacking systems we differentiate. These different terms come from the Western style. where a bad guy wears a black cowboy hat and a good guy wears a white hat.

White hat hackers

 White hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers and they are professionals with expertise in cybersecurity. They are authorized by the company and certified to hack the systems. They hack systems from the loop to find weaknesses in the system. They never intend to harm the system, rather than try to find out weaknesses in a computer or a network system as a part of penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. well, Ethical hacking is not illegal actually it is one of the most demanding jobs available in the IT Industry. many companies hire ethical hackers for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. ethical hackers' job is to protect the system network from hackers.

Black hat hackers.

Black hat hackers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in computer networks with the wrong intention. Black hat hackers hack another system to steal private data or destroy the system. They use the stolen data to profit themselves and sell them on the black market or harass their target company. As the intentions of the hacker make the hacker a criminal. 


Grey hat hackers

The Gray hat hacker falls between the black and white hat hackers or we can say Grey hat hackers are a blend of both black and white hat hackers. Grey hat hackers are not certified hackers like white hat hackers. Keep in mind the intention behind hacking decides the types of hackers. If the intention is to gain personal data without permission this considers a gray hat hacker. Well, they act without malicious intent but for their fun, they exploit a security weakness in a computer system or network without the owner's permission or knowledge. Their aim is not to rob people and not want to help the owner, their intent is to bring the weakness to the attention of the owners and get appreciation or a little bounty from the owners or find fun in hacking. 



Red hat hacker

Red hat hackers are again a blend of both black hat and white hat hackers, they are usually on the top level of hacking government agencies: top secret information hub, and generally anything that falls under the category of sensitive information. The difference between red hat hackers and white hat hackers is that the process of hacking through intention remains the same. Red hat hackers are very ruthless when dealing with black hat hackers or counteracting malware.


Blue hat hackers

A blue hat hacker is someone computer security consulting firm who is used to bug-test a system prior to its launch, they look for loopholes that can be exploited and try to close these gaps. Microsoft also uses the term blue hat to represent a series of security briefing events.



Script kiddies

 Script kiddies is a non-expert who breaks into computer systems by using a pre-packaged automated tool written by others, in other words, they try to hack the system with scripts from other fellow hackers. usually with little understating of the underlying concept, hence the term kiddies.




A hacktivist is a hacker who utilizes technologies to announce a social, ideological, religious, or political message. These types of hackers intend to hack government websites. They pose themselves as activists, so known as a hacktivist. In general, most hacktivist involves website defacement or denial of service attacks.



A neophyte, “noob”, or green hat hacker is someone who is new to hacking or phreaking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the working of technology and hacking.





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